Bouncy Castle Hire and Soft Play Hire Terms & Conditons

Bookings must be made online, via email or through our facebook business page. We do not accept bookings via text message or phone calls. Emails and facebook messages are responded to daily. If you wish to check availabilty, please send an email to us at stating your party location, times and the package you are insterested in.

A minimum of £25 deposit is to be paid via bank transfer to secure all bookings and will be deducted from your final balance. Deposits are non refundable however they can be transferred to another date if more than 7 days notice has been given.

We require a £50 cleaning and ball deposit for all hires on the day of your hire in cash. This will be returned to you at the end of your hire if the following terms are adhered to and all hired equipment is collected as delivered – clean, tidy, no foot prints, heel marks, glitter, silly string, face paint, food, drink etc. and all balls must also be put back in to the net by your agreed collection time for when the driver arrives to collect the equipment. Ball penalty – if the balls are not put back in to the net at the time of arrival of the driver, there will be a £20 penalty.

Payment Terms:
The remaining balance is to be paid on the day and must be made to the driver on delivery of the equipment in cash. We do not accept cheques or cards on the day of the hire.

If you wish to pay the remaining balance before your hire date this can be paid via bank transfer at least 7 days prior to the hire date.

Cancellations within 7 days of the hire date are subject to a 25% charge of the total hire charge.

Cancellations within 24 hours of the hire date are subject to a 50% charge of the total hire charge.

Cancellations within 4 hours of the delivery time or upon delivery will be subject to 100% charge of the total hire charge.

Cancellations can be made on the day of hire if wet weather occurs (subject to our discretion) as long as at least 2 hours notice is given by calling us on 07510 194 081

Equipment Location:
It is the hirers responsibility to check the space required for their chosen inflatable and equipment including the ceiling height. All asset sizes can be found in the description for each inflatable on our website On delivery, if the inflatable will not fit in the space provided the hirer will still be charged the total outstanding amount of the hire. We cannot be held responsible if the inflatable does not fit.

Outdoor Hires:
In the event of an outdoor booking having to be cancelled due to weather conditions, (heavy rain/high winds etc.) booking deposits will be refunded or transferred to another date.

Bouncy castles will not be set up on concrete, decking, astro turf, gravel or sand due to health and safety.

The European standard 4.2.1 Anchorage:
The inflatable shall be provided with an anchorage and/or ballast system and any necessary accessories enabling the inflatable to be securely fixed to the ground. Each inflatable shall have at least six anchorage points.

The maximum wind- speed in which inflatables shall be used outdoors is 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale); see Annex B. (Max gust speeds of 24mph) Please note that if wind speeds for the day are predicted at (for example) 15mph but gusts are predicted at 30mph, we will not be able to set the inflatable up outside as it is the gusts that can lift the inflatable into the air despite correct anchorage.

When used outdoors, the inflatable shall be secured to the ground, preferably with ground stakes where the ground is suitable. Each anchorage point on the inflatable and all of the components of the anchorage and/or ballast system, e.g. ropes, webbing's, metal attachments, stakes, weights, shall withstand a force of 1 600 N.

The direction of the exerted force shall be at an angle to the ground of 30° to 45°. Ground stakes shall incline away from the direction of the exerted force. Ground stakes shall be a minimum of 380 mm in length and a minimum of 16 mm in diameter and their tops shall be rounded. The system shall expose no more than 25 mm of the stake above ground level. Tiny town soft play will not be held responsible for any damage caused whilst anchoring the inflatable.

When the inflatable is used indoors, the anchorage and/or ballast system should be used, when necessary, to maintain stability.

Terms and Conditions of Hire:
The equipment will be delivered and set up at your chosen venue and will take approximately 30 mins to set up depending on equipment and location. The equipment will take a minimum of 30 mins to pack away. Please keep this in mind if hiring a venue. Please make sure there is easy access to the venue for unloading and loading for the delivery and collection of the equipment. We must be notified at the time of booking if there is restricted access or stairs at your venue. We can refuse to set up any of our equipment if the location access is not specified or a designated parking area is not provided.

We will endeavour to arrive in plenty of time to set up the equipment, however we are not responsible for any delay incurred through unforeseen circumstances, i.e. traffic problems, weather, incorrect address given etc.

Hire prices – quoted for 6 hours hire. If additional hours are requested, please contact us for our additional hourly rates. Collection time past 6pm will incur additional hourly rates.

All children using the equipment must be supervised by adults over the age of 18 years old at all times and to make sure that the equipment does not become over crowded beyond the maximum number of users guide on the front of each inflatable. The inflatable should be limited to no more than the stated number and height of children at any one time. It is the responsibility of the supervising adults to monitor that number accordingly.

Tiny town soft play accepts no responsibility for damage or injury to any persons caused by misuse of the equipment.

Tiny town soft play accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur during delivery, set up and collection to premises.

Prohibited Items:
No shoes are to be worn on any of the equipment. Socks MUST be worn at all times on the equipment. No smoking or barbecues near any of the equipment. No pets are allowed on soft play, inflatable equipment or mats. Adults are not allowed to use the equipment. Jewellery, glasses, sharp objects and any items from pockets should be removed before entering into play. No glitter or other coloured objects like silly string is allowed near the soft play or inflatable equipment. Only Snazaroo face paints can be used on any of our inflatables. No food, drink or chewing gum is to be allowed on or near the equipment. A cleaning penalty (min of £30) will be deducted from your £50 deposit for any cleaning of prohibited items. Additional cleaning/damage bill over £50 will be invoiced to the hirer within 7 days. ‚Äč

Although the soft play equipment and balls from the ball pool are cleaned regularly, it is recommended that supervising adults discourage children from placing balls in their mouths for hygiene purposes.

Diving and jumping into the ball pool is not allowed. Climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls of the inflatables is dangerous and must not be allowed at any time. It may also cause damage to the inflatable. Bouncing/jumping on the front step of the inflatable is not allowed under any circumstances. The step is there to aid users in getting on or off the inflatable only and is not a jumping area. Adults must not sit on the soft play shapes as this causes them to lose their shape.

It is responsibility of the hirer to find a suitable site, i.e. flat, clean / hygienic area for the equipment set up. We can refuse to set up in a location that we deem to not be clean or suitable.

Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered in. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that once set up, due care and attention is given to avoid damage to any of the hired equipment. Any damage to soft play equipment will be chargeable at an appropriate amount, i.e. cost of repair or replacement.

Equipment MUST NOT be moved once set up except for ball collection. All equipment should only be dismantled by ourselves. Please do not attempt to pack away except for the ball pool balls.

The controls on the speaker of the disco dome must not be altered. The speaker including volume can be controlled from your device only. For overnight hires, the disco dome must be left inflated due to the light and speaker inside.

Fun food machinery must be operated by adults only. The machines are very heavy and can become very hot and must be kept out of reach of children. Fun food machinery must be handled with care. Any damage to any of the machines will result in a charge i.e. cost of replacement or repair. Foreign objects are not to be put into any of the machinery i.e. spoons in the bowl of the slush machine.

In the event that the blower stops working, please ensure all users get off the inflatable immediately. Then please call us on 07510 194 081 immediately.

On booking our equipment you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions above.